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Kids Playing Soccer

How to Register

2024 Registrations open on January 5, 2024.  We look forward to welcoming new and returning players to the pitches in 2024!

Please check the information below before proceeding to the online registration.  There is a link to register at the bottom of this page.

Steps to Registering with Curl Curl FC in 2024

We strongly urge you to register early to avoid disappointment. 


We need to make calls on how many teams we can field in an age group early February and as such may need to cap an age group when all viable teams are full and if we do not think we'll get enough additional registrations to form another team.

Returning players only get priority over new players if they are registered before the cut-off date (when the on-time discount ends).  See the Fees and Requirements page for the cut-off date (end of on-time discount) for your age group.

Summary of Steps



Read the information below before you go to the online registration system.

Ensure you have your photo ready to upload and if using an Active Kids Voucher (for an eligible child, have that ready.


Register to Curl Curl FC via Play Football via the link at the bottom of this page.


Complete MWFA form if required (see Fees and Requirements) and send to your Age Coordinator (find their email in Contacts)


Email proof of age/identity if required (see Fees and Requirements) and send to your Age Coordinator (find their email in Contacts)


Before you go to the online registration system, please consider the following:

  • If you are registering a child that is eligible for an Active Kids Voucher, please go to Service NSW and apply for and obtain your child's voucher before proceeding to the football registration

  • The Early Bird and On Time discounts are automatically included in the registration if you register before the relevant cut-off.

  • The system requires payment online by credit or debit card.  See our Fees and Requirements page for details of the pricing tiers and contact details if another type of payment is required.

  • If you are registering a girl for both Mixed and Girls competitions (Dual Registration), then please register to the Girl's package as your primary registration and then at the Product Detail screen add on the Dual Registration Add-On package for the appropriate Mixed package.

  • If you are playing in 10s or above (and W-10s and above), there may be additional requirements as per the Fees and Requirements page.  Please check.

  • If you last played overseas and are over the age of 10, you will be required to obtain an International Transfer Certificate.  This process is fairly simple for adults, but can take up to a month to come through.  It is somewhat more complicated for children, so allow more time.  You will be asked a question about where you last played when you register.  This kicks off the ITC process and the club's registrar will be in contact.


The link below will take you directly to register with Curl Curl FC for the current football season.

Returning players - please log in using the same account as last year to preserve your football history!!!

Adults registering children - please create your own account first before linking any children, so that you are the primary account holder.

Where to go if you need help - If you have any trouble with your registration your best option for help is the support services at Play Football.   Their details and their help pages can be found at

Curl Curl FC's registrar, Linda Beaugeard, at may be able to help with problems related to choosing/selecting the registration products.  But Club Administrators have no access to your account for changing details or resetting passwords.  You will need to contact Play Football for that sort of issue.

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