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Information for Adult Players

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Curl Curl FC has lots of friendly teams, across a range of ages and divisions, in both men's and ladies' competitions.

Our age groups and the competitions they play in, including game format, are governed by the local association (Manly Warringah Football Association).


In adult competitions we have men's competitions who play on Saturday afternoons.  These are actually mixed, so women can play here too.  But it  is usually all men, so for simplicity, it is referred to on this site as Men's.  And we have women only competitions who play on Sunday afternoons.  There is also a Friday night option for Over 35 men and a Friday night U21 competition.

In Men's there are various divisions each in All Age (AL), Over 35 (O35) and Over 45 (O45) competitions. To be eligible for O35, you need to be turning 36 or older in the calendar year.  Likewise for O45 you must be turning 46 or older that year.  All Age takes anyone above the age of 16.  The association has a Premier League for men, but Curl Curl's top team is at the level below that, in AL1s.

In Ladies there are also All Age teams (W-AL) as well as Over 40s teams (W-O40).  To be eligible for W-O40s in a sesaon, you must be turning 41 or older in that calendar year.  Curl Curl also has a women's Premier League team (W-PL).

Here is (most) everything you need to know...

The Practicalities

New Players

Curl Curl is always accepting new players, but obviously there needs to be place available in one of our teams.  Teams are frequently looking for players but some may be at capacity.  Registration is open for players from January through to mid June and the season runs from April through to August.  So if there is space, individuals can join, even mid season.  However, as the majority of the fees is flat rate components set by the association, FNSW and Football Australia, there are no discounts for late registrations.  It is best to approach early, pre-season if possible, as this gives the best chance of finding a team.

To find a suitable team, contact the appropriate Age Coordinator and have them reach out to teams of the right level/age.  You can find contact details for the various coordinators on our Contacts page.

If you want to try out for one of our top teams (Men's AL1s or Women's Premier League) please contact the relevant coach - see Contacts.

Competition Dates 2024

Adult Competitions Commence as follows:

5th March: Men's Challenge Cup Play-Off if required (AL1 team)

10th March: Men's Challenge Cup Round 1 (AL1 team)

17th March: Women's MWFA Challenge Cup Round 1 (W-PL team)

5th April: Friday night Comp for U21 and O35 

6th April: Senior Men

7th April:  Senior Women

Finals Dates:

TBC (Prob August 16th): Friday Night O35s Semis

17th August: Senior Men's (except Friday O35s) Semis

18th August: Women's Semis

24th August: Men's Finals

25th August: Women's Finals

Competition Matrix

The Matrix maps out the expected dates for games for each Age and Division.  Note that divisions with more or less than 10 teams may not have games fit perfectly into the season.  As a result some teams may have extra games midweek or on a day that they do not normally play. And some teams may have weekends schedulted without a game. 


Where there are washout rounds in the matrix, these are rounds for catching up games missed due to wet weather.  If no games have been missed, expect the association (MWFA) to bring a game forward from the schedule.  This is often only updated in the competition system (Dribl) during the week prior.  Do not assume that there will be no game, just because it is not yet showing on Dribl.

Likewise, finals and round robins will not show on Dribl until just prior as the scheduling cannot be done until all results are in.  In this case go off what is mapped out in the matrix.

Download the matrix.  


For your specific game information, download the Dribl App from the app store and follow your team.  Then you will easily be able to see your fixtures and results.

The full MWFA draws and fixtures can be found at  You can filter for your Age/Division.

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