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Training Field Request

Request a training pitch.


  • Team manager or team coach to complete training booking request form - please only submit one form per team.

  • Please note this is a "request form" only, confirmation of your allocation will be confirmed when the Pitch Allocation schedule is posted onto our website. However we will contact you if there is

    no pitch availability close to your request available so you can identify other options.

  • Mini Roos and Youth Team Pitch Allocations can not be confirmed until coach has completed registration via Play Football and provided Working With Children (WWC) number

  • Please note Wednesday 5.30 pm onwards is not available.


Suggested suitable training timeslots by age group:

  • U7 to U9 range 3.30 pm to 5pm

  • U10 to U11 range 4.30 pm to 6.00pm

  • U12 to U18 range 5.30 pm to 7pm 

Online Form for Team Training Field Requests

Please follow this link to enter your request for a training pitch, noting the suggestions/caveats above:

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