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Online Coaching Resources

Useful online resources for coaches

Online resources for coaches

Below is a list of some of the on-line resources our coaches have found useful in recent years. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list nor an endorsement. If you find others that are useful then please us let know

Football Australia Curriculum

  • Play Football has a number of coaching resources, including coaching sessions and webinars and online learning. They can all be explored from

  • If you register to be a coach for Curl Curl FC through the Play Football system, you should be receiving a weekly session plan throughout the season focused on the age group you are coaching

Football NSW Coaching Resources

Football NSW has a Coach Hub page that offers support ot coaches of all levels. You can sign up for a monthly coaching newsletter, find courses and even submit a question on anything coaching.

Apps related to football

Here are some (maybe useful) apps that might be of interest:

  • Sport Plan provides the ability to use loaded graphics to draw up your session plans

  • Team App - for communication/fixtures/training schedule etc. Players can indicate availablity.

  • Teamer - for communication/fixtures/training etc. Players can indicate availablity.

  • For managing timing of subs, Coach's Clock for Apple, or SubTime for Android

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