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Injury Claims

How to claim and what you can claim for football injuries


Football is a contact sport and injuries do happen. Part of the player registration fee goes towards insurance that is arranged by our member federation, Football NSW. Non playing registered officials are also covered for injuries sustained during sanctioned club football activities.

Insurance cover

The Insurance cover arranged by Football NSW is provided by Gow Gates. It covers personal accidents as well as public and products liabilty and professional indemnity. For more details, please check out this Gow Gates link to the product page:

But you should be aware that the cover for injury treatment is limited to non-Medicare expenses as the Health Insurance Act of 1973 does not permit insurance contributions towards things covered (or partly covered) by Medicare. And while the insurance has a loss of income benefit, it is limited to a maximum of $250 per week (or 85% of your pay if that is less).


You can fill out your claim online through the claims gateway. You will need to provide details of the injury including the santioned football activity during which it occured. Where a club declaration is required, send that to the club's secretary for a signature at

The claims gateway can be found on the above linked product pages or navigated to directly via

If you have further questions, the Gow Gates' product page has contact options at the bottom of the page.

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