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Club Coach Coordinator Program

Find out about this program to promote a positive coaching experience for all.

Club Coach Coordinator

Curl Curl FC has been a proud participant in this FNSW and MWFA initiative since its inception. We have a team of experienced coaches who provide mentoring, run coaching workshops and simply provide support for many of our other coaches who feel they need some new ideas or some tips along the way. Help is never far away and most nights one of our CCC coaches is available at Abbott Road. Our objective is to help all our coaches be the best coaches they can be, so the players can be the best players they can be.

We are a big supporter of the view that the relationship between player and coach is THE most important in football.  It determines whether a player:

  • Enjoys themselves or not

  • Develops or stagnates

  • Stays in the game or quits

"The only player who cannot develop is the one who isn't there" - Les Bee (Football Australia)

A summary of the CCC program can be found via this link:

Our Coaches

Curl Curl FC is fortunate to have many experienced coaches to help with our youth development as part of our CCC program. They include (or have included):

Rich Lacey:

Qualifications include the B-Licence in coaching and being a Community Coach Educator. Currently studying a Masters Degree in Coaching at Sydney University.

Curl Curl is lucky to have Rich as our Coaching Director of Youth. He also coaches our W-18/1 team. He as previously coached at Manly AYL and SAP, along with numerous CCFC junior teams in the past. This is in addition to coaching school and representitive teams including ISA Opens and Brighton and Hove School Boys. He also coached at BHA FC and Lewes FC.

He played until recently at Curl Curl FC and prior to that, he played in the UK within the Sussex County League for Withdean FC and within the Ryman League for Lewes FC.

Sue Lawson:

Sue holds a FFA Skills Training Certificate and has a C-Licence in coaching.

The Club benefits from Sue also sharing the Coaching Director role as Youth Development Manager at Curl Curl.

She has been involved in coaching her children's teams from U6 through to teenage years and has been running things at our Monday Night Junior Development Training for years and she particuarly loves working with the fresh talent that is under 6 children.

She's a Manchester United fan since birth and she wants to see football grow in Australia at the community level by providing sessions that are both fun and challenging and that feed the child's passion for the beautiful game. Sue is committed to developing our players of the future!

Shauna Hawkes:

Shawna has coached at Curl Curl for the past 6 years and will be coaching her daughter's team in W-12s this year. She is has a C-Licence in coaching. She has helped out with a number of Curly coaching initiatives over the years, including Junior Development Training.

Her favourite part of coaching is that the learning never stops. She strives to always be learning and to pass that knowledge on so as to inspire great football players and awesome human beings.

Joe Jones:

Joe is heavily invested in women's football at Curl Curl, having coached his daughter through the years from under 6 through to W-18s. He holds a C-Licence in coaching.

He has been key to the growth of women's football at the club, having been an Age Coordinator for many years across a number of girls' teams. He is an avid Arsenal fan and credits the women's Arsenal team as an inspiration of successful women's football.

Contact our Club Coach Coordinators

The following might be a reason for you to contact our CCCs:

  • You want some help delivering a particular part of a session plan

  • You have some questions on game day management

  • You want to attend another coach's session to get some new session ideas (or come to JDT on Mondays)

  • You want someone to attend your session for a brief time to answer some questions 

  • You have moved up to an older age group and want some help with the resulting differences and different training needs

  • You want to devise a session for a particular problem which occurred in the weekend game

  • You are away and there are no parents to take a midweek training session

If you would like to talk to someone or have them attend your training session please contact Sue Lawson to put you in touch with the most appropriate person.

CCFC Sponsors 

To find out about sponsorship, contact

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